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Welcome To World Agriculture Investments

World Agriculture Investment is consisted of RAMM International Group. As a global integrated enterprise, our head office is based in Panama, and we have been involved in the business fields of plant protection products manufacture, seeds, agrochemicals, Agricultural machinery and equipment, inspection and research, international purchasing, marketing and sales etc.

Development Quality Products

Agrochemicals, Seeds and Health Fields

Our products have been sold over 50 countries including East Europe, Africa, South America and Southeast Asia. Allways presenting a good product with all standarts.


Effective results in agrochemicals

Lab and Scientific Research

We have done complete study about crop growth season, major agrochemicals, registration and management policy and channels of distribution in various countries.



Our products range from herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, seeds, fertilizers to rice. We emphasize in selecting customers and make mutual-benefit cooperation with them after doing systematic analysis and research.

Social Media Network

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Our Products


Business Purpouses

    Worldwide, our company set various business activities:
  1. Agrochemicals Sales
  2. Agriculture Machinery Import and Export
  3. Seeds Import and Export
  4. Everything among Agriculture Production

About Our Organization

  • World Agriculture Investment has set up perfect organizational structure which has improved the efficiency and production capability, also enhanced the ability to face the further challenges. World Agriculture Investment has set two vice general managers who are responsible for separate department and constituent company

Our Purpose

We are with responsibility for human and the whole world. Provide more green healthy food and conception. Provide better environment for producing , living, and protect nature creatives. Provide reliable tax payment. Join more charity career. to help more weak minority